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BMW 3 series E90 comfort kits
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Product description  


Product  overview:

This product is specially developed for BMW car series,Adopted the world's leading technology ,is the only one products which can full match with the original products and implement all the functions. Use the advance technology of CAN - BAS agreement , Seamless embedded original car system, Installation completely use original car on the plug, won’t destroy any lines and affect the computer programming of the original car, won’t conflict with any  features and the vehicle anti-theft system of the original car , perfect to achieve safe,comfortable and enhance intelligence for the vehicle
This product not only solve the customer's concern of safety and comfort, but will also bring owner's cost-effective noble enjoyment

Techinical parameters

                                                 Main engine

test iterms

test paramaters

operating voltage


quiescent current


start current


environment temperature


Environmental humidity


Product features

(1) Easy to installation: Remove the wiring harness plug directly from the roof function center, connecting with this product’s plug,and installation will finished in a few minutes
(2)Applicability:The electric circuit and software of this product are developed to the car system directly, communicate via CAN wires,all the original fuctions of the car work as well as before after install this product.
(3)Reliable: The electronic components of this products are all in high quality same as military level, Wire and plug gauge standard according to the original car, thorugh all the certification make sure one hundred percent safety and reliable
(4) High safety:The product developed accordance with the original car's corresponding protocol, Without any interference for the original car system, while enhance the vehicle anti-theft alarm function、safety and comfortable
(5)Low power consumption: This products adopts the most advanced ARM processor, and the processing speed is very fast at low power, Working current in microamp level , shut down the power supply automatically when the car is dormant.

Automotive windows by one button:
Pressing the lock button of the remote controller, the system will automatically check whether the windows and sunroof closed,if not, the system will automatically help you to close all the Windows and skylights
Notice: This product uses the original car pinch function, BMW cars all the windows were with anti-trap function.

Horn beep alarm(door closed) :
When you lock the car ,the system will automatically detect the status of the vehicles, if you have all the doors closed, the original car horn will beep once to confirm the vehicle into the security state.
Notes: to avoid the thieves use jammer or blockers, the owner should listening to horn carefully after lock the car.

Horn beep alarm(door unclosed):
When you lock the car,the system will automatically check the doors, trunk, engine compartment lid is closed or not, if not , the system will issue a rhythmic tone to remind owners to avoid property damage.
Notice: this function is limited to alarm prompt function, and can't closed the doors which didn’t closed

Rearview mirror folding function:
When you lock the car,the system will close the Windows and sunroof, and the rearview mirror fold up automatically, to avoid scratches or stolen.
Notice: this function only in a vehicle with the vehicle equipped with electric rearview mirror.

Not flameout prompt fuction:
When the engine did not shut down during press the lock the key, car horn will last for 10 seconds, to remind the owner please leave after flameout. (note: some low-end models do not have this function)
Notice: this function is only for remind function, and the vehicle can not be automatically turn off)

 Security matters
(1) Make sure the horn beep once after press lock key, it means success locked and into security state
(2) Do not operate the remote control lock button frequently, otherwise electric mirrors will automatically enter protected mode, will no longer automatically fold
(3) Try your best not to stop the vehicle in a high-voltage substation equipment, communication base stations, the signal transmitting station where there is a strong interference
(4) After lock the car when the window automatically rises, don't turn your head, hands into the window. Vehicle window and sunroof under normal conditions has the  pinch function  (the original car trouble-free)
(5) When the original car's controls or windows, sunroof has problems, the system will automatically expire, please make sure that the original car system function in good condition
This product has the humanized design, can according to owner needs to close some functions, (e.g., Horn beep door closed, Horn beep door unclosed,  Not flameout prompt fuction, etc.)

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