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Model: NB02
Price: $ 0.00


Product description  
NB02 support car list: 

Peugeot 206307408


New Buick RegalBuick Lacrosse GL8

Honda Civic New CRVFit

RenaultOpel and so on

NB01 NB02  NB07 only means different shape for NB keys.
NB01 means VW style looks NB key
NB02 means AUDI style looks NB key
NB07 means BENTLEY style looks NB key
There are 5 mode for above keys.
1. NB-ATT-36 is for Peugeot and Citroen and old Honda (most before 2013)and some other brand cars. (default keys is NB-36 mode)
2. NB-ATT-46   is for Touareg  Bentley most Renault  Fiat and some other keys with PCF7946 chips.
3. NB-ATT-Chrysler       is  for Chrysler Dodge Jeep car keys.
4. NB-ETT-GM         is for new Buick , Chevrolet , Opel cars  
5. NB-XTT-New Honda   is for 2014 and 2015 New Honda cars keys.

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